Cyber-Archaeology VR Hackathon

This past weekend, the VR Club hosted a Cyber-Archaeology VR hackathon. The Center for Cyber-Archaeology and Sustainability (CCAS) provided food, data, sponsorship, and support for the hackers. We couldn’t have done this without their contributions, which is why we are so pleased to be able to announce how impressed CCAS was with the teams and their projects.

We were so happy to see people from different disciplines come together to create these incredible experiences for this hackathon. You all came in here knowing little to nothing about either archaeology or computer science. By the end, the engineers were rattling off archeological terms and the archeology majors were talking about Unity and game objects. We’re so proud of the accomplishments of these teams. VR is truly multidisciplinary and this hackathon was a perfect demonstration of that.

Congratulations to the winning teams, although we are incredibly proud of all the teams. You all did an amazing job with only 36 hours to work; we’d just like to say that the officer team completely recognizes all the accomplishments that were made.

To see the VR submissions, click here.

A note from our President, Connor Smith:
“I think the biggest achievement here wasn’t in the VR experiences that were created, but rather in the relationships that were built between people from different disciplines. I always stress how VR is multidisciplinary, and it was great to see proof of that right in front of me.”


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