Officer Team

We recently got new officers to join our team and some of our existing officers switched roles. Sadly, we are also losing a few officers. Our President Pablo is graduating after this quarter, so our VP Connor will be taking over as President. Dale, our current Secretary, will become our new VP. We are also losing Christian, Pauline, and Nadia, our Treasurer, Corporate Outreach Officer, and Campus Outreach Officer, respectively.

We will be starting Winter Quarter with this team of officers.

President: Connor Smith
Vice-President and Secretary: Dale Tubat
Treasurer: Nick Crow
Project Manager: Anish Kannan
Equipment Manager: Nisha Yerunkar
Branding: Greg Morgan
Community Outreach: Joanne Lee
Event Coordinator: Katy Zou
Webmaster: David Justo
Public Relations: Vicki Intara

We are currently looking for people to fill the positions of Campus Outreach, Corporate Outreach, Social Media, and Historian.


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