360 Video Production Workshop

If you went to the 360 workshop on November 17, we hope you learned something interesting and/or useful!

As you may or may not be aware, ArtPower is having a Student New Media Festival on May 10, 2017. They are also holding a contest for the best 360 video, submissions due by April 14. In an effort to prepare students for entering this contest, ArtPower, the UCSD Digital Media Lab, the UCSD ETS Media Lab, the UCSD Visual Arts, Triton Television, and the VR Club have collaborated to offer a series of three workshops. We hope to equip any interested students with the tools and skills they need to create their own 360 video, regardless of previous experience.

These workshops are sponsored by VRTÜL, a virtual reality studio based in San Diego that is staffed with world-class VR/VFX artists, creatives, and camera technicians who aim to design custom capture solutions and manage high-end productions. Guest speakers Casey Sapp and Adam Snell have graciously volunteered their time—without payment or other compensation—to teach these workshops.

The second workshop will be in Winter Quarter, on the topic of On-Set Capture and Production. More details will be posted on our Facebook page later, so stay tuned.

Click here to go to the Facebook page for this event


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